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1st Authoritative Book on Sympathetic Dominance

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We’ve known for a long time that the Sympathetic Nervous System activates during fight or flight. What we haven't known is exactly how far the repercussions reach when a person stays wound-up and in that fight or flight zone for extended periods of time. We always thought this was automatic, but there are actually ways we can intervene.

The SD Protocol links a diverse range of seemingly ‘random’ health conditions that occur as a result of Sympathetic Dominance. It pairs these symptoms with a set of easy tools that can bring the patient from hopelessness to health. The SD Protocol shows you what to look for and empowers you with the skills and know-how to treat Sympathetic Dominance.


  • Learn the basic neurology behind sympathetic drive
  • Master the simple tools that can calm the whole system down
  • Learn to recognise and link ‘random’ symptoms that are actually linked and solvable
  • Learn SD Protocol specific rib and spinal adjustments
  • Leave with simple tools you can implement on Monday morning in your practice
  • Receive a copy of the SD Protocol book (get chapter 1 in eBook form as soon as you register)
  • Receive SD Certified Practitioner Accreditation

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Dr. Wayne Todd

Meet Dr. Wayne Todd

B.App.Sci. (Chiropractic): Diploma of Clinical Neurology (Carrick Institute) FAAFN

Over 27 years of clinical practice, Dr. Wayne has seen a disturbing trend with how demanding or stressful lifestyles can activate the survival mechanism in the brain. He has discovered undeniable similarities with the symptoms of the people who stay in that zone for extended periods of time which prompted him to undertake extensive research and produce the SD Protocol.

Dr. Wayne Todd graduated from RMIT University in 1988 with the prize for clinical excellence in his final year. Since then, Dr. Wayne has maintained a passionate enthusiasm for his field, completing a range of postgraduate courses including a two year functional neurology diplomate programme. This makes him one of only a small number of Australian Chiropractors with this training. Since graduation, Dr. Wayne has mentored many clinical placement students and amassed more than twenty-seven years of clinical practice. Dr. Wayne and his wife Angela have five children and live in Victoria, Australia where they operate a thriving wellness group.

Meet Dr Wayne Todd

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