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  • SD Protocol - Softcover Book

    SD Protocol - Softcover Book

    $45.00 (AUD)

    This groundbreaking book is about to change the way you look at health. No other book has linked the gut, posture and hormone system with the nervous system to create an easy-to-follow template for living a healthier life.

    Over decades in clinical practice, Dr. Wayne Todd has seen a disturbing trend regarding the impact of busy, demanding or stressful lifestyles on the survival mechanism in the brain. Furthermore, he has discovered undeniable similarities in the symptoms of people who stay in that zone for extended periods of time.

    The SD Protocol takes you back to where health starts to spiral out of control. It will show you how different conditions are linked and empower you with simple strategies to take back your physical, chemical and emotional health.

    Is the SD Protocol right for you? Click here to find out more.

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