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What’s the best exercise to do, to decrease stress? 06-Mar-2018

Have you ever noticed that when you’re under the pump at work, you seem to crave sugar? If the stressful period is only short you may not even notice it, but if the days turn into weeks you might find yourself struggling against a foggy brain or a rumbly tummy among other things. On the surface, they seem like unrelated issues. They’re not. One strategy to help deal with stress is to hit the gym. It gets the endorphins pumping and can help work stress out of your system. But there’s a catch few people are aware of; if you’re doing certain exercises, you might be triggering a mechanism that sends your whole body into survival mode. This can have big impacts on digestion, hormonal health and inflammation over time. It can even make you sensitive to light and noise (which is why earplugs are an effective strategy to help you rest). Often when we think of stress, we think it’s just mental or emotional. A lesser-known fact is that it’s also physical and chemical. Whenever we are in this state, there...Read More

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