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Dr. Wayne Todd is married to Angela Todd, together they have 5 children, Wayne enjoys his busy family and professional life in Sale. Wayne graduated from RMIT in 1988 with the prize for clinical excellence in his final year. Wayne has a passionate enthusiasm for exploring the many methods of practice available within the Chiropractic profession. In 2004 he completed a 2 year functional neurology diplomate programme, making him one of a handful of Australian Chiropractors with this training. Wayne is the author or the book 'SD Protocol'. This book is about sympathetic dominance and how people may suffer from the seemingly unrelated health problems of irregular periods, digestive issues, poor posture, sensitivity to noise, sleep problems and even autoimmune diseases, to name a few. Dr. Wayne's book related to how these symptoms may all be connected, and then in a step-by-step process, explains how to restore normal function and regain health. You can get a copy of Dr. Wayne's book by clicking here. Wayne speaks at conferences across Australia and internationally on the effects of sympathetic dominance and will be teaching other chiropractors on the assessment and treatment of this condition. Click here to register for a sympathetic dominance protocol training programme, or to find a certified SD protocol practitioner near you.

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