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Erin Hawken

Dr Erin Hawken is an Australian Chiropractor who studied at Murdoch University in Western Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chiropractic, and a Bachelor of Chiropractic finishing with Honours. Upon graduating Erin began work under the mentorship of one of her former Professors at one of the largest health practices in Western Australia. Here she worked alongside three other Chiropractors, five Massage Therapists, an Acupuncturist, and a Podiatrist. During this time Erin completed several post-graduate qualifications including her Western Australian Radiological Board Exams, Webster Technique Certification for optimal foetal positioning during pregnancy, and Healthy Spines National Health Promotion Program training. After several years Erin moved to a renowned family practice where she worked alongside the Director of the Western Australian Chiropractors Association, Dr Taylor Vagg. During this time she undertook extensive post-graduate training in Chiropractic care for the paediatric patient under one of Australia’s most expert Paediatric Chiropractors. Erin moved to Amsterdam in late 2011 to join the Wellbeing Chiropractic team. Here she helped to build the Netherlands largest pregnancy and paediatric Chiropractic practice.


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