Can you quantify Sympathetic Dominance?

Yes and no. The Sympathetic Nervous System is something that exists with everyone, and plays a valuable part in our bodies. So we can’t test for a Sympathetic Nervous System. It’s already there. The problem arises when this necessary part of the Nervous System is overactive. While a skilled clinician can perform a functional neurological assessment of autonomic function, it is the run on effects that are more obvious and we can test for some of these.

 - Food intolerances can arise through Leaky Gut syndrome and can be tested via the IgG test, as well as other allergy tests such as IgA testing.
 - Adrenal function can be tested through saliva tests.
 - Oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels can be tested.
 - Copper toxicity can be a result of oestrogen dominance and can also be tested.
 - Autoimmune disorders can be diagnosed via a variety of tests (depending on the nature of the autoimmune).

The thing that makes Sympathetic Dominance a little different is this: we let the symptoms do the talking, but we don’t stop at symptoms. We always look for the underlying cause, because we know that there will always be an underlying cause.

It is a functional health paradigm where we realise that sometimes things happen on a subclinical level. We don’t ignore this. We improve the body’s ability to react so it doesn’t snowball into something unwieldy, unmanageable and undesirable.

How does it fit in with traditional medicine?

I am a firm believer in the necessity and life-preserving power of traditional medicine. I often refer patients to general practitioners or specialists as I see fit. This book is not a license to discard all of that. It is a different way of looking at health though.

While every health practitioner should be aware that the Sympathetic Nervous System exists, the contents of this book will be news to many. Why? Because the human brain and the human body are incredibly complex and we are only just starting to understand this area of health now. In many ways, this book is groundbreaking,and you get to be a part of it!

The Sympathetic Dominance Protocol is something that can complement traditional medicine, and even aid in its effectiveness as we ready the body to respond to inflammation and the demands of modern life. I have seen, time and time again, the restorative power of this protocol. I have had people moved to tears when they hear they are not hypochondriacs, that there is something going wrong and there is something they can do about it. I have to admit, their stories move me profoundly too!

Therefore I know that this protocol has got an essential place in health regimes.

Of course, the dream is to have the body so finely tuned that it doesn’t need assistance. But until you get to that point, tread carefully. Take the advice in this book in conjunction with that given by your primary healthcare provider.

How long will it take before I see change?

It depends on how severe your symptoms are, how many interventions you put in place, and how long you have been in Sympathetic Dominance. For someone who implements the whole toolkit, the changes can be quick. You may see significant improvement within a couple of weeks.

If it takes longer, don’t fret. You are doing yourself good by putting relaxation time into your day, looking after your diet, supplementing what your body needs and using practical measures such as limiting sound and light input. There is no reason to stop. Keep going.

That said, the vast majority of people experience changes quickly, especially if they have done the IgG test and eliminate offensive foods from their diet.

I’m having difficulty conceiving. Will this protocol boost my fertility?

There are many reasons for infertility or low fertility. Age, past chemotherapy, or sperm quality and motility are among factors that may contribute to fertility problems. However, common causes of fertility problems relate to ovulation, the endometrium and polycystic ovarian syndrome. If these issues are the cause of your fertility problems, then yes this protocol may boost your fertility.

The central theme of Sympathetic Dominance is this: If you are in fight or flight mode, your rest, digest, repair and reproduce functions are suppressed. Hence, we teach you how to come out of fight or flight and into the zone where the good stuff happens.

This can allow the body to start producing the right hormones instead of just the stress hormones. We can also add back progesterone to the body to deal with Oestrogen Dominance and start the sufferer on the road to recovery.

Will I relapse?

Possibly! But you know what to do now.

The Sympathetic Nervous System has an essential role to play in our bodies. If you ever feel shock, illness, loss, nerves or stress again in your life, then your Sympathetic Nervous System will intervene. If you ever go through an emotionally or physically demanding time in your life, you will have the opportunity to move into a state of Sympathetic Dominance again.

But you'll also have the knowledge of what to do about it. That is the power of this protocol. It can be used as a maintenance strategy, helping your body stay in a state of rest, digest, and repair and reproduction readiness. Aspects of it can stay in your routine to help you maintain health through-out your life. All of the items in the toolkit can be implemented as your emergency pit crew when you and your life are starting to become wound-up.

Will my IgG test results be different, depending on how healthy my gut lining is when I have the test done?

This is unlikely. The IgG test looks at your blood reaction, not your stomach lining. Once your blood starts reacting to certain food types, it is a learned response that stays there. The big issue is whether or not these food substances make it into your bloodstream before being broken down or not.

Hence, if you keep your gut lining healthy you may be able to prevent a leaky gut and tolerate some of these items. There may be times in your life when you feel like your gut isn’t doing so well. If this happens, go back to your IgG diet and sit on it for six months. During this time, focus on foods and nutrients that heal the gut and then after time has passed, undertake a staged reintroduction of the foods you know you can tolerate when you are well.

Will this cure my autoimmune disorder and will it return if I stop the Protocol?

There is currently no research to say that an autoimmune disorder can be cured. What this protocol does is boost or restore the body’s ability to respond to inflammation. In many cases, this has resulted in relief and improvement of serious health conditions including autoimmune disorders. If you have progressed into autoimmune disorder territory, then you may very well see significant improvement while on this protocol.

While the relief of symptoms may cause you to feel so much better, it is not cause to think that you don’t need to look after yourself any more. It would be in your best interest to stay on the protocol indefinitely.

This shouldn’t be treated like a negative thing though! Staying on the protocol indefinitely means living a life where you don’t overload your senses, where you eat only the food that your body likes to be fed, and where you spend time calming your brain and supporting your posture. If you ever have to deal with prolonged stress or pressure in the future and you feel yourself starting to get wound up again, you will know what to do.


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