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Adrenal Fatigue 05-Aug-2016

It actually isn’t possible to be experiencing stress without implicating your adrenal glands. It isn’t possible to be in a state of Sympathetic Dominance and not be putting these guys through their paces. Every fight or flight period is supposed to be followed by a rest and recovery period. This is what gives our adrenals a chance to recharge. However, if we are driving these glands too much and too often, they tire out. When this occurs, the flow-on effects can be widespread.   A prime example of adrenal fatigue is Grace, who was in her early thirties when her symptoms started. Grace was living off  about 45 minutes of rest per night because of a new addition to her family who simply wouldn’t sleep. Around the same time, she went through a three month bout of glandular fever and a six month bout of chronic fatigue. She was a part time teacher, a full time mum and systemically exhausted. It was after this that her symptoms truly escalated. Grace’s symptoms included: ...Read More

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